Black Pomfret


Black Pomfret is a highly commercial fish. Even though the name of this fish is Pomfret, it does not belong to the same family as other Pomfrets. It is classified under the ‘Jacks’ family which includes the popular Trevally. It is ideal for grilling, steaming and shallow frying.

Code Description Size Packaging
BP001 Steaks   15 x 600g
BP002 Whole 200/300 10 x 1kg
BP003 Whole 500/1kg 10kg bulk
BP004 Whole 1/2kg 10kg bulk
BP004A Whole 2/3kg 10kg bulk
BP004B Whole 3/5kg 10kg bulk


  • Helps strengthens the body’s immune system
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Controls the cholesterol level


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