Indian Squid


Is an Indo-West Pacific species of squid with a wide range throughout the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and the South China Sea and is also present in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. It represents a significant species in commercial fisheries throughout its range, where spawning occurs throughout the year but principally in Spring and Autumn.

Code Description Size Packaging
SQ002 Tentacles 10kg bulk
SQ003 Whole Block 10/20 7 x 2kg
SQ003B Whole Block 6/10 7 x 2kg
SQ005 Whole IQF 15 x 600g
SQ006 Cleaned IQF   15 x 600g
SR003 Rings 10 x 700g
SR004 Rings 10kg bulk


  • Rich in protein
  • Cancer preventative
  • Full of minerals and vitamins


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