Tilapia is cultivated in warm waters the world over. It is the second-most cultured group of fish in the world, exceeded only by Carp. The mild, sweet tasting, lean-meated tilapia has a slightly firm, flaky texture and is highly versatile, but whatever cooking method you choose, stick with a subtle sauce to help avoid overpowering its delicate flavour.

TF002AFillet5/7oz10 x 1kg
TF004Fillet3/5oz15 x 700g
TW001Whole Gutted300/500g2 x 2.5kg
TW002Whole Gutted500/800g2 x 2.5kg
TW003Whole Gutted800+2 x 3.5kg
TILMOON1/2Moon Cut IQF100/20010 x 1kg
TILMOON2/3Moon Cut IQF200/30010 x 1kg


  • Packed with protein
  • Good source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Good source of phosphorous