Coconut Water

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Made from 100% Nam Hom (Aromatic Water) coconut water. Our coconuts are from a unique variety that can only be grown in Thailand and are naturally pink and sweet. Rich in minerals and flavour, it is the taste of nature.

Nutritional Facts per 100g
Energy 26.7kCal (112.14KJ)
Fat 0g
Of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 6.55g
Of which sugars 5.49g
Protein 0g
Salt 7.98mg
Potassium 192mg (18% RI)
100% Nam Hom Coconut Water


  • 100% natural – no preservatives, additives or sugar added
  • Does not use HPP (High Pressure Processing)
  • Packaged in a paper box from a sustainably grown forest
  • Rich in minerals that are beneficial to the body
  • Coconuts are sourced sustainably and locally from chemical-free farms

36 reviews for Coconut Water

  1. Stefan Lazare

    This coconut water is fresh, it taste as though I am drinking straight from the coconut itself. Very natrual tasting and can really tell there nothing in it unlike the others out there.

  2. Bhavina

    Honestly the best coconut water out there. Super fresh and incredibly sweet. Amazing customer service too. Definitely recommend!

  3. Deepak Damodarr

    We loved this coconut water and its refreshing qualities. We have tried several varieties of Coconut water before, but this one stood out from others for its freshness. Will be ordering follow-up packs.

  4. Hiren Patel

    Truly fantastic coconut water. I came across this product and it’s seller on Facebook, ordered a case to try, and was absolutely delicious! Cannot recommend it enough!

    The ease of ordering and the delivery times were amazing, every effort was made to get it to me as agreed and it was!

  5. Dav

    What a delicious find – I close my eyes whilst drinking this and can pretend I’m sat on an beach somewhere exotic drinking fresh coconut! Don’t imagine I will switch brands, now that I’ve had this. Too good!

  6. Sonal

    I ordered this for my parents and myself. The coconut water is really lovely much better then vita coco or other brands. Love the pinkish colour and it’s very refreshing to drink. Will be ordering it again.

  7. Ruby Ehsan

    One of the best coconut water I have ever tasted. Refreshing with a beautiful subtle fragrance. And knowing that all ingredients are natural just makes it more appealing. I ordered for the first time and I was not disappointed. Delivery was prompt and on time. I will definitely be ordering again once I get through this box!

  8. manoj

    Hi, I would recommend the coconut water. Great tasting alternative to the supermarket products at a competitive price.

  9. Rasila

    Best coconut water I’ve had, tastes like you are actually having a fresh coconut. Perfect size for packed lunches.Will definitely be buying more.Prompt delivery too

  10. Meeta

    I couldn’t wait to drink this, absolutely divine, thirst quenching very natural taste of fresh coconuts and has been introduced to other members of my family and friends
    Will be ordering again for sure🥥🥥

  11. Sam

    I really liked the taste of the coconut waters and it felt really refreshing to drink. It’s really different to other versions of this drink. The size is just right and I love the packaging. I will definitely be ordering more.

  12. T Kanji

    Cannot fault the product and service. Kids enjoyed it way more than they should have, which meant there wasn’t much left for me! We ran out of one case very quickly. So tasty and refreshing. Highly recommend it, also recommend buying more than one case. Thankyou for the super speedy and efficient delivery

  13. Jyoti tailor

    Having tried all the leading coconut waters out there, I was still hoping to find a great tasting, natural product. Wild Coco definitely did not disappoint. Knowing it was completely natural with no added ingredients, felt amazing to drink. The taste was the best I’d had and was also so refreshing.
    It was liked by all my family and did not take long to finish. (I’d even purchased two boxes!!).
    Thank you for a great product – will be ordering some more and trying out the other flavours too.

  14. Rupal Patel

    This is by far the best coconut water I’ve had. I’ve been searching for so long to get pink coconut water but had no luck . What a quick response when I placed my order … completely hassle free. Delivery plain sailing no delay . By far the best coconut water and best service. I highly recommend buying.

  15. Shamit

    Have had other coconut water in the past but this has been the best and highly recommend it. Service great also

  16. Vijya

    Amazing refreshing taste, very much loved by the whole family.

  17. Madi V-Kavi

    Great refreshing drink, both myself and hubby did enjoy. It’s different from the usual coconut water. Hopefully will be ordering more soon. Keep up the good work.

  18. Hiten Patel

    Simply amazing taste we all loved every last drop. I thought I knew my coconut 🥥 water but this changes everything!

  19. Mina Dhunna

    Absolutely delicious coconut water, its beats the other brands in the supermarkets. I recommend it 100%.

  20. Meetal Shah

    Yum, love that’s its totally natural. Very refreshing

  21. Divya Hindocha

    Genuinely tasty! Great price and service. Thank you

  22. Nash

    Great taste and very refreshing,probably the best tasting packaged coconut water in the market

  23. Neha

    This coconut water is soo refreshing and tastes amazing chilled. Will definitely be placing another order!

  24. Neeta kotak

    Best coconut water ever had in uk, reasonable price and pure

  25. Gita

    This coconut water was recommended on a FB group. Initially I thought it was just another standard product being hyped, but no!! It tasted so much better than the leading brands of coconut water and far exceeded my expectations. I am now recommending this product to my Ayurvedic clients and to friends and family, all of whom have been equally impressed.
    The service from the company is also impeccably friendly. Thank you for bringing this product to market guys!

  26. Savan shah

    Great product, both mum and myself enjoyed the refreshing taste and was so hydrating too after. Well done on your journey

  27. Shiv Singh

    Great tasting drink especially when you have it chilled. Decent price & the taste is beautiful.

  28. Atiya Saithna

    Wow! Amazing taste and beautiful colour, the best I have had and so very hydrating. Fresh and natural delivered on time too. Thx

  29. Rob Butcher

    Honestly the best tasting coconut water on the market. I’ve tasted a few different coconut waters in the UK in the past and never been in love with it but when I tried this one, oh my goodness what a difference! The taste is incredible! Not even to mention the health benefits. I’ll be ordering some more from Sisco very soon.

  30. hetal patel

    OMG this is so good and yummy. Found this from FB group and thought let me try it. This is the best coconut water I have tasted beside fresh one. Tottaly love it. Tottaly recommend this. Now I am going to try watermelon drink.

  31. Sara Cordell

    Omg Amazing stuff … what a find! My friend told me about this stuff but was sceptical about her hype so she let me have one of hers and I was hooked! Its delicious 😋 and tastes so fresh. I’ve also tried and bought the watermelon which is delicious but this is my favourite 🥥🥥

  32. Vakas

    Absolutely delicious coconut water! This is the best tasting coconut water on the market in the UK atm. I traveled all over south east Asia last yeah and drank coconut water everyday from bottled to fresh out the coconut. My first sip of this and it took me right back to my travels last year. The packaging is eco friendly and the tase is sublime, I wish every shop stocked Sisco coconut water! Literally beats any other coconut water hands down! Most of the Vita coco ect brand all have sugar and are very white in colour however Sisco is the closest to cracked fresh coconuts on the beaches of Malasia/Thailand that you will get. Keep up the hard work guys!

  33. Pip Ç

    Discovered this by chance and now won’t buy any other coconut water now! Pink is really where it’s at. It tastes as if the coconut has just been opened in front of you. Pink, refreshing, healthy. I’ve tried so many other brands and this absolutely is the best of the best!

  34. Kane

    Stumbled across the product one day and haven’t looked back. I now no longer buy the likes of Vita Coco and just get this instead, much more flavour. Shame that I can’t find it in more stores though.

  35. Ashwin Shah

    By far the best coconut water I’ve tasted. It tastes exactly like drinking from an actual coconut. It’s extremely fresh and natural.

  36. Naina

    I really loved this coconut water. I am a big coconut water fan and this is the best I have tasted in UK.

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