Last updated: 21 September 2019

Privacy Policy Overview

We understand that your privacy and data is very important which is why we’re committed to doing all we can to protect your online identity. Cookies we collect will be used fairly and anonymously for the purpose of providing you with a better experience with SISCO FOODS and our brand websites.


  1. We do not share any information with third party sites and would never knowingly pass on data without your consent.
  2. You reserve the right to to be forgotten and data relating to you may be erased as your request.
  3. We will use your information, where prior consent had been given, to send offers, brochures or letters related to the mailing list you subscribe to. You reserve the right to opt out at any time.
  4. When browsing this site Google Analytics anonymously collects information for marketing purposes. This information is used to determine how our website can be improved to give you a better experience.
  5. SISCO FOODS are GDPR compliant. For more information email

A closer look


What is collected by Google Analytics and how?

All data that is collected is anonymous by default. Information that is collected include viewing times, pages viewed and landing pages amongst others. This is done through cookie files which read and monitor your usage, almost every site has some form of cookie implementation. Web usage is collected using Google Analytics and is stored electronically on Google’s server. More information about Google Analytics can be found here.


Email newsletters

We use Mailchimp to send email newsletters. We only email those who explicitly opt-in to our clearly defined mailing lists. Without your consent we are obligated under GDPR to ignore your personal data, however if you choose to subscribe with us your data will be stored by Mailchimp. You will always have the right to be forgotten or removed from our mailing list.


Why do we collect it?

Information derived through Analytics allows us to optimise our site so that you can find information quicker. Our goal is to make your online experience more friendly and having data to analyse makes this much easier.



SISCO FOODS uses Hubspot CRM to offer a better experience for our customers. When you submit a form or use our chatbot (found in the bottom right) we store your information in order to process enquiries and offer you better deals. You can request deletion at any time.


Policy changes

This page will be updated if our policies change. In the event that new laws are passed which affect data protection we will email our customers personally.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email